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Motorcycle Recycling System

Introducing the motorcycle recycling system being used in Japan

Motorcycle Recycling System

July 1, 2019

Status of voluntary motorcycle recycling initiatives during fiscal 2018

Report on progress made during fiscal 2018

1. Operational Status of the Motorcycle Recycling System

The motorcycle recycling system is a voluntary initiative being jointly carried out by four domestic motorcycle manufacturers and 12 importers, and is operating smoothly and receiving high recognition from users and local governments as a reliable framework for appropriate disposal and recycling.

2. Results

Period covered:

April 1, 2018–March 31, 2019 (one year)

Report contents:

“Shipments of vehicles with the recycle mark affixed,” “Units processed,” and “Portion recycled”

(1) Shipments of vehicles with recycle mark affixed

From October 2004, the recycle mark is affixed to all motorcycles intended for sale in Japan.

(2) Units processed

A total of 402 scrapped motorcycles were processed at disposal and recycling facilities (150 as general waste materials and 252 as industrial waste materials).

(3) Portion recycled

Calculated based on the processing records of the 14 disposal and recycling facilities across Japan, the portion recycled on a weight basis was 97.6%. The 2015 target of 95% under the End-of-Life Vehicle Recycling Initiative (formulated in May 1997)’s voluntary action plan (released in January 1998) has been met every year since fiscal 2012.

3. Going Forward

The system is known as a highly reliable system for safe disposal and recycling, but we will pursue the following areas of focus to create greater awareness and make the system more firmly established in society.

(1) Activities to raise user awareness

In cooperation with sales outlets (stores handling motorcycle scrapping) and the other participants, we will hold public relations activities at events and exhibitions for motorcycle owners on an ongoing basis, to instill the awareness of the system and promote its use among motorcycle owners.

(2) Public relations activities for local governments

We will continue to visit local governments to ask them to inform their residents about the motorcycle recycling system and promote the use of the local government collection system for vehicle disposal.

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