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Motorcycle Recycling System

Introducing the motorcycle recycling system being used in Japan

Motorcycle Recycling System

We have been accepting all models for free scrapping since October 1, 2011.

What Is the Motorcycle Recycling System?

To promote the appropriate disposal of scrapped motorcycles and the reuse of resources, 16 domestic manufacturers*1 and importers*2 are cooperating in a voluntary initiative to achieve a recycling-oriented society. Along with promoting the use of the motorcycle recycling system, the Yamaha Motor Group takes responsibility for the appropriate disposal and recycling of Yamaha end-of-life motorcycles that customers wish to scrap.

Honda Motor Co., Ltd., Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd., Suzuki Motor Corporation, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.
MV Agusta Japan Co., Ltd., Piaggio Group Japan Corporation, Fukuda Motors Corp., EKA Co., Ltd., Presto Corporation, Bright Co., Ltd., Ducati Japan Ltd., BMW Japan Corp., Triumph Motorcycles Japan K.K., M’s Shokai Co., Ltd., SPK Corporation, Kymco Japan, Inc.
Motorcycles sold in Japan that are manufactured or imported by companies other than the above 16 companies are not eligible.


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