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Promoting Environmental Awareness and Participation among Employees

An introduction to our activities to promote employee awareness of environmental issues and participation in environment-related activities.

Promoting Environmental Awareness and Participation among Employees

We consider it important to enhance employees’ environmental awareness and promote their understanding of environmental activities, to promote environmental preservation activities through our business activities of providing products and services. We, therefore, engage in various forms of internal communication related to the environment to achieve these aims.

Registered under the Excellent Eco-Commuting Business Site Accreditation System since 2009
Participants in eco-commuting campaign
Volunteer neighborhood cleanup
in Iwata City

Introduced Yamaha Eco Point System

In January 2008, the Group introduced its Yamaha Eco Point System in support of the Yamaha Motor Group Environmental Plan 2020 goal of having “every Group member strongly motivated to proactively participate in environmental programs.” This system established an index that assigns points to environmental activities and allows members to select eco prizes according to the number of activities conducted and the number of points earned in one year. In 2018, participation in this program reached 6,582 persons (the number of persons who participated in activities included in the system).

Using the Intranet to Foster an “Eco Mind”

Yamaha Motor uses its corporate intranet to report in a timely manner on the status of eco-commuting and employee volunteerism and to disseminate information on cleanup programs for beaches and areas in the vicinity of Company facilities as well as environmental communication with local communities and the public. These efforts serve to raise employee awareness concerning the environment and to encourage participation.

Ecology network
2018 environmental activity schedule

Distribution of ESG-Related Information by Email

Since January 2019, we have been sending a monthly email to employees at Yamaha Motor and Group companies in Japan, containing ESG-related information including environmental information. The articles contained in these emails are also posted to our intranet so they can be accessed at overseas Group companies. Articles to date have included explanations of the external environment affecting environmental issues and the Yamaha Motor Group Environmental Plan 2050.

写真 電子メールでのESG関連情報の配信

Greening of the Fukuroi Factory

Yamaha Motor’s Fukuroi Factory received the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award, the highest honor among the Excellent Greening Factory commendations presented by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry to companies that have made remarkable achievements in improving the environment both inside and outside their factories.

The Fukuroi Factory was recognized for its systematic efforts to promote greening, such as maintaining 42% of its grounds as green space, of which 60% has been left as natural forest. We will continue to promote further greening and local contribution activities with the aim of becoming a factory that is a model for the local community.

img. Green curtain
Fukuroi Factory

“Green Curtain” at Nakaze

Yamaha Motor continues to hold a regular event, displaying the installation of a “green curtain” made of bitter melon vines at its Nakaze Factory as a global warming countermeasure. The curtain reduces the outside temperature by 5–6 degrees, which helps conserve electricity.

These harvested goya (bitter melon) and passion fruit were distributed to and well received by local residents.

写真 中瀬工場のグリーンカーテン1
写真 中瀬工場のグリーンカーテン2
写真 中瀬工場のグリーンカーテン3

Environmental Education

In response to a request for partnership (provision of funding and support) from a teacher at Eastside Elementary School in the United States, Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Corporation (YMMC) launched an environmental education project to help students learn about their natural surroundings.

Students had the valuable experience of studying environmental issues such as ecosystems, the food chain, and pollution in the midst of nature near West Point Lake. They came up with ways to improve air quality in the elementary school and carried out tree planting.

写真 環境教育
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