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2016 Plans and Performance

Presenting the list of FY2016 environmental activities

Action Areas Priority Actions 2016 Plans 2016 Performance
Eco Products Raise environmental attractiveness through product development from
the perspectives of the environment and customers
Develop products to raise environmental attractiveness Implemented in the medium-term plans of each business unit
Eco Operations

Environmental protection through global activities aimed at minimizing environmental impact
Reduce risks from environmentally hazardous substances CO2 emissions assessment and reduction Each Group company to reduce CO2 emissions
by 1% per unit of sales per year
Group companies set a target of 1% reduction in CO2 emissions intensity per year and worked to reduce greenhouse gases in their overall business activities

CO2 emissions reduced by 9,000 t-CO2 (1.6%) from 2016

Target for percentage per unit of sales not met, with a 7% increase largely due to a sales decline resulting from foreign exchange factors (but with a 29% cumulative improvement over the past five years)
Reduce emissions of greenhouse gases Reduction of CO2 emissions from manufacturing processes Reduce by 7% per unit of sales compared with 2009 23% cumulative improvement in emissions intensity compared with 2009 (goal achieved)
Reduction of CO2 emissions from distribution operations Reduce by 1% (annual average) per unit of sales 2.4% deterioration (year on year),
Not achieved
Reduce by 10% per unit of sales compared with 2006 2.4% deterioration (compared with 2006),
Not achieved
VOC reduction Maintain level of VOC emissions per unit of sales to prevent deterioration from FY2010 Continuation of reduction activities

3% reduction (compared with 2010),
Implement green procurement Green procurement activities Adhere to rules regarding prohibited or restricted substances
(zero harmful substances in our products)
Continued to maintain green procurement activities
Implement the 3R’s through the 3E’s Promotion of 3R’s in product development Reusing/recycling initiatives Continued initiatives
Promotion of 3R’s in manufacturing Keep waste materials for direct/indirect landfill disposal to 0 tons 0 tons (achieved super-zero emission again)
Achieve 100% recycling of waste material in manufacturing processes 100%
Waste materials in manufacturing processes Reduce by 4% per unit of sales compared with 2012 Goal achieved with 25% cumulative improvement
Establishment of recycling system for products in Japan Voluntary initiatives to maintain a motorcycle recycling system Proper handling and recycling of motorcycles were implemented through dealerships
(Japan only)
Reduction of parts packaging materials Making 70% of packaging materials returnable Goal achieved with 75.3% returnable rate
Reduce water consumption Reduce water consumption Understand actual water consumption status of Group companies Investigation carried out using global investigation system and environmental ledger; water consumption status observed.
Eco Management

Environmental management through reinforcement of Group environmental governance systems
Create and operate Groupwide environmental management systems Increase number of companies using integrated certification system
(target: 8 companies)
Result: 8 companies
Provided Group EMS activities to 41 companies using integrated certification system
Using self-certification system for outsourcing of overseas examinations and customized examinations Customized examinations through outsourcing: 2 companies
(target: 4 companies)
Eco Mind

Environmental contributions through diverse eco-activities targeting
a sustainable global environment
Expansion and support of diverse eco-activities Achieve 67% participation rate in
Participation rate in eco-commuting
reached 76.6%
Establish the Eco Point system Number of persons participated in activities under the Yamaha Eco Point system: 6,582 (system firmly in place)
Change attitudes through continuous environmental education Provide environmental education in each segment by stratification Implemented for new employees, general employees, supervisors and general managers
(distribution of environmental information)
Communication with communities Continue participation of a cumulative total of 40,000 Yamaha Motor Group people in the 40,000 People’s V Campaign Target not reached in 2016,
with participation by 31,276 persons,
82.5% from 2015 (aim: 78.2%)
Give lectures on corporate environmental initiatives at community events and schools Gave lectures on corporate environmental initiatives at two universities in Shizuoka Prefecture
Ongoing holding of various study trips to factories Gave environmental lessons to local junior high schools students
Continue environmental preservation activities in concert with local municipalities and other corporations Participated in tree thinning and tree planting in areas planted by Iwata City; a beach cleanup campaign in Hamamatsu City; a cleanup campaign at Lake Hamana in Kosai City; a cleanup activity at Lake Hamana; tree planting to prevent weevil damage in Enshunada windbreak forest areas; and other programs
Participate in events intended to improve communication with local communities Held dialogues with local governments

Participated at environmental events sponsored by local non-profit organizations (communication with non-profit organizations and local residents)
Preserve ecosystems Loggerhead sea turtle preservation activities

Eco-system monitoring activities
Participated in loggerhead sea turtle protection activities; conducted monitoring at Yamaha Motor Kikukawa Test Course to preserve rare plant species including orchids and Penthorum chinense; worked to remove alien plant species at Nakatajima Sand Dunes (where the number of Penthorum chinense and Bletilla striata plants is increasing); carried out reforestation activities in the spring and fall by planting groves of various trees next to Lake Hamana.
Communicating environmental information in relation to products, technologies, and services Communicate environmental product information Exhibited environmental products at Communication Plaza
Promote environmental product information dissemination Ongoing disclosure on the Company’s website regarding environmental information for each motorcycle model and information on 3R designs and motorcycle/FRP recycling systems, etc.
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