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Shareholders and Investors

A page with links to IR information

Shareholders and Investors

In order to ensure accountability by providing shareholders and investors with appropriate, accurate and timely information, Yamaha Motor has established a specialized division which engages in IR activities inside as well as outside Japan.

In addition to the annual shareholders’ meeting and quarterly earnings briefings, the division holds IR meetings with investors from within and outside of Japan, and organizes business briefings. Furthermore, the division discloses IR information on the Company’s website, operates a website to provide information to individual investors, and makes videos of earnings briefings and briefings for individual investors publicly available, in an effort to proactively disseminate information so that even more shareholders and investors have a better understanding of Yamaha Motor’s business strategies.

Since 2017, a manager in charge of IR has been stationed in Tokyo to handle communications with analysts and investors even more proactively than in the past.

Information for shareholders and investors is available on the websites below

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