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Introducing our initiatives to provide value through Monozukuri (engineering, manufacturing and marketing) and services, and to promote safe driving

Aiming to be an engineering, manufacturing and marketing enterprise that gives customers a sense of Kando*

The Yamaha Motor Group’s product quality and Monozukuri (engineering, manufacturing and marketing) are based on maintaining ongoing, close relationships with our customers. Going forward, we believe we must continue to strive to enhance this product quality by taking a customer-oriented approach. To do this, all divisions are striving to raise the quality of the work they perform.

The Yamaha Motor Group will continue to undertake activities that provide a sense of excitement to customers. We will strive to achieve the best quality possible and realize safety and reliability, based on a customer-oriented approach that emphasizes a deep sense of emotion in accordance with the spirit of the Yamaha Brand Charter.

*Kando is a Japanese word for the simultaneous feelings of deep satisfaction and intense excitement that we experience when we encounter something of exceptional value.

Providing New Excitement

Yamaha’s corporate mission of being a “Kando Creating Company” is an expression of our desire to offer our customers around the world products and services that bring joy and unexpected exhilaration of the kind that enriches their lives with new fulfillment, in harmony with society and the environment.

Being such a company requires us to constantly uphold our standing as an excellent engineering, manufacturing and marketing enterprise with a prominent global presence. Product creation begins with the customer. Our task as a manufacturer is to enhance our competitiveness by maximizing and optimizing the value of the products we provide to customers, in terms of their appeal, reliability and cost performance, in ways that exceed customer expectations.

Initiatives to Enhance Product Quality

The Yamaha Motor Group places its highest priority on customer safety. In addition to enhancing product quality, we continue to put our maximum effort into activities that provide customers with appropriate explanations on how to use our products properly, to ensure that customers do not suffer any injury or accidents.

Specifically, since 2015 we have been implementing the “I am Yamaha” activities, in which each employee plays a leading role, with the aim of having their customers say, “I’ll purchase a Yamaha again,” or “My next purchase will be a Yamaha.” These activities encourage a strong sense of ownership in every employee, so that each individual believes, “It is I, and no one else, who is personally responsible for making the Yamaha brand shine.” This attitude, along with a customer-oriented approach, allows employees to refine their powers of perception (ability to make discoveries) and to enhance the quality of their work. Both as an organization and as individuals, we will strive to further improve quality by working to: 1) enhance our customer sense; 2) increase interaction; 3) learn from mistakes; and 4) do high-quality work.

The Customer Service We Believe In

The Yamaha Motor Group views opinions and requests from customers as expressions of their expectations for our products and services, so we carefully respond to each opinion and request we receive, in the belief that raising the level of customer satisfaction will lead to trust. Based on this belief, we are continuously working to strengthen our services to learn how customers view and use our products, so that we can use this insight to improve product quality and create new products for the future.

Our Customer Communication Center handles customer inquiries related to our products and services, including motorcycles, marine products, electrically power assisted bicycles, generators, and snow throwers. Comments received from customers are stored in a database, and are made available within the Company so that they can be used to develop and improve our products and enhance our services.

In addition, in order to enhance the skills of active motorcycle service technicians throughout the world and to further increase customer satisfaction, we hold the “YAMAHA World Technician GP” once every two years. Elite technicians, comprising winners from each region’s preliminary competitions, are brought together in Japan for a contest to determine the world’s top technician.

Riding Safety Promotion Activities

Customer safety is our first priority, and in addition to enhancing product quality, we continue to put our maximum effort into activities which explain to customers in an appropriate manner how to use our products correctly.

These efforts include the publication of catalogs and brochures that convey the attractiveness of our products and product manuals that explain correct product use, as well as safety promotion activities such as riding schools that allow customers to gain first-hand knowledge about using our products.

The following is an introduction of some of the activities organized by our various businesses that help customers understand how to use our products properly.


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