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Resolving Local Community Issues

Introducing examples of activities that contribute to solutions for community issues

Resolving Local Community Issues

Support Following Earthquakes in Lombok, Indonesia

A magnitude 7-plus earthquake struck the Indonesian island of Lombok in late July 2018, and was followed by several large aftershocks. According to the Indonesian National Board for Disaster Management, the death toll reached 515 persons, with more than 7,000 people injured and more than 430,000 forced to evacuate.

Yamaha Motor companies in Indonesia, together with PT. Surya Timur Sakti Jatim (located in the city of Surabaya), our dealer for Lombok island, donated generators to the Indonesian army for its relief and recovery work in the area. Lombok had continued blackouts and roads were covered with debris. Despite the situation, the donated ET-1 generators were put to a variety of uses, including clearing roads, illumination, and recharging batteries.

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