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Basic Policies of CSR

Introducing Yamaha Motor group's basic CSR policies

Yamaha Motor Group strives to contribute to the sustainable development of society through our business activities based on our corporate philosophy and to always abide by the letter and spirit of domestic and international laws and regulations. We are dedicated to earning the trust of the global community, and we place great value on communicating with all stakeholders. We expect all of our business partners to share our principles and to act in accordance.

  • We offer new excitement and a more fulfilling life for people all over the world through high quality products and services that combine safety and innovation.
  • We provide practical, helpful information about products and services to customers.
  • We make every effort to protect the personal information of our customers and others involved in our business.
Shareholders and Investors
  • We aim to deliver stable, long-term growth to enhance corporate value.
  • We disclose appropriate corporate operational results and financial status in a timely manner.
  • We provide equal employment opportunities to build a diverse and discrimination-free workforce.
  • We provide fair working conditions while maintaining and improving a safe and healthy working environment.
  • We maintain respect for human rights and never tolerate child labor or forced labor in any form.
  • We work toward building success for both our employees and the company through honest communication and dialogue founded on mutual trust.
Business Partners
  • We respect our suppliers, dealers and other business partners and aim to build mutual long-term growth founded on mutual trust.
  • We maintain an open door to new business partners around the world and choose companies based on comprehensive value, regardless of nationality or size.
  • We respect the competition laws of each nation and region and maintain fair business practices.
The Community
  • We honor the culture and customs of every country and community, and we strive as a corporate citizen to act in balance with society.
  • We work to contribute to the development of sound communities by providing means of mobility, creating employment opportunities and fulfilling our tax obligations.
  • We promote social action programs including personal mental and physical development, environmental preservation and safety activities, as well as supporting private initiatives undertaken by employees.
  • We maintain honest and fair relationships with government agencies and public authorities.
The Environment
  • We develop environmental technologies to create products that balance economic needs with environmental well-being.
  • We aim to minimize the environmental impacts of our operations and make efficient use of limited natural resources.
  • We form wide-ranging partnerships with communities around the world to perform environmental conservation activities.
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