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Yamaha Motor

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Ultra Realistic Paper Crafts

Bringing you closer to the real thing with mind-blowing precision and an astounding number of parts.


Yamaha challenges you with the ultra-realistic paper crafts.

The ultra-realistic paper crafts aim to exceed realistic paper crafts, exuding a compelling presence with elaborately detailed parts, looking so close to the actual machine.

  • Ultra-Realistic Paper Crafts: YZF-R1M

  • Ultra-Realistic Paper Crafts: VMAX

  • Ultra-Realistic Paper Crafts: MT-01

Example of ultra-realistic paper craft specifications

Comparing the realistic ver. of the VMAX(released 1999)and the ultra-realistic ver. of the VMAX(released 2009)

  • The total number of parts the realistic ver. :174 / the ultra-realistic ver. :771
  • Parts sheet the realistic ver. :16 / the ultra-realistic ver. :771
  • Sizes the realistic ver. :Approximately 1:6 scale / the ultra-realistic ver. :Approximately 1:5 scale

We await challengers for this challenge by Yamaha!

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Paper crafts in this web site are provided for the sole purpose of your personal pleasure. Copy, reproduce, use, distribute, transfer, publish, sale or offer to sale, at auction or otherwise, or any other act of similar kind, of the paper crafts for commercial purposes, or purposes anyway related to making profit, are strictly prohibited.

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