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Yamaha Motor

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Features & Specifications : VXR

This page outlines the Features & Specifications of the VXR.

  • 1,812 cc NA High Output Engine

    The torque generated by the large displacement 1,812cc NA (Naturally Aspirated) high output engine combined with the brisk revving up of this type of engine provide exhilarating acceleration. Exhaustive measures to make the engine compact and lightweight have resulted in an engine weight that is the same level as a conventional 1,052cc engine. In addition, superior fuel economy has been achieved by implementing extensive measures to reduce power loss and improve combustion efficiency.

  • New VX HullNew!

    The size of the hull has been increased (length by 90mm, width by 30mm) from the predecessor, in order to improve stability when stationary.
    In addition, shapes of each section, including the keel, stripe and chine have been revised in order to further improve turning ability and agility.
    The new hull achieves a high level of balance in basic performance for personal watercraft, worthy of the VX series.

  • NanoXcel Deck & Hull

    Yamaha's lightweight hulls and deck are engineered on a molecular level using nanotechnology, a process that build up thousands of tiny layers of NanoXcel material. The result is a hull that's not only incredibly strong, but also exceptionally light, contributing to the impressive power - to - weight ratio, agile ride and industry-leading fuel economy on NanoXcel models.

  • RiDENew!

    RiDE (Reverse with Intuitive Deceleration Electronics)
    Reversing and speed reduction can be controlled using the left lever.
    RiDE provides an easy-to-handle system by allowing an intuitive operation as well as stable rider posture when reversing or reducing speed.

  • Electric TrimNew!

    Trim can be adjusted simply by operating the buttons laid out on the left handle switch box.
    There are 5 trim positions available (2 upper positions, a center position, and 2 lower positions), providing the type of acceleration and handling that the rider demands.

  • Multifunction Information CenterRenewal!

    Meters for tacho, speed, hour,volt, fuel level, Trim
    Indicator for shift, engine overheat warning, oil pressure warning, fuel level warning, and security and "L-MODE"

  • Two-piece racing-inspired seatRenewal!

    The bolster positioned at the back of the seat will increase comfort by supporting the rider during acceleration or turning.
    In addition, the seat is split into front and rear sections to allow for easier maintenance of the engine room.

  • Reboarding StepRenewal!

    A deeper reboarding step has been ergonomically redesigned, making it easier to climb back on board after a swim. Conveniently tucks away when not in use.

  • 93.2 liters of Total StorageRenewal!

    Enlarged storage allows ample room for drinks, food, spare clothing, and towels etc, along with other marine sports gear helping you to enrich your marine life experience.

  • Watertight StorageNew!

    The newly added watertight storage under the seat can house items that can be easily harmed by water.

  • Dual Cupholders in Glovebox

    The large-capacity Glove Box is fitted with a Beverage Holder attachment.

  • 70L Fuel Capacity

    The larger fuel tank and excellent fuel economy of the 1,052cc normally-aspirated engine together mean the available continuous range becomes significantly longer, further reducing the stress of refueling.

Other Features

Yamaha Engine Management System

An integrated, computerized management system that controls and adjusts such function timing, fuel injection mapping and engine diagnostics.

Open Loop Cooling

All Yamaha WaveRunner utilize open loop cooling, which is used by nearly all marine manufactures. It's the most effective, reliable and maintenance-free way to cool your engine.

Dual Mirrors

This accessory ensures clear rearward vision when driving and added convenience in a variety of marine sports settings.

Tow Hook

Providing yet another opportunity to have fun on the water, the tow hook allows for easy, secure towing.

Extended Rear Platform

Roomy and comfortable, the extended rear platform is the ideal place for soaking up the surroundings, getting in and out of the water or gearing up for wakeboarding.

Performance Sponson

Provides added straight-line comfort and an improved two and three-up riding experience.

Yamaha's Trademarked Visibility Spout

A waterspout from the rear of the craft that improves the watercraft's conspicuity.

Security / Low-RPM Mode by Remote Transmitter

Remote transmitter can activate with the push of a button, Low RPM Mode serves to maximize fuel efficiency, while another button activates Security Mode to prevent unauthorized startups.

Length (m) 3.35
Width (m) 1.22
Height (m) 1.19
Dry Weight (kg) 348
Engine Type 4-stroke, 4-cylinder,
1.8Liter High Output Yamaha Marine Engine
Supercharger No (natural aspiration)
Displacement (cc) 1,812
Bore x Stroke (mm) 86 x 78
Compression Ratio 11.0 : 1
Cooling System Water-cooled
Pump type 155mm High-pressure
Fuel Regular Unleaded Gasoline
Fuel Supply System Electronic Fuel Injection
Fuel Capacity (liter) 70
Lubrication System Wet Sump
Total Oil Capacity (liter) 5.3
Storage Capacity (liter) 93.2
Rider Capacity 1-3 persons
*Body and seat colors may differ from the actual models. In some cases, photos from other models may have been used. Please consult your nearest dealer before purchase.
*Please consult your nearest dealer for details regarding equipment and optional parts.
*Accessories shown in the photos are not included with these products.
*Product names, coloring and graphics may differ by country or area.
*Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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