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Yamaha Motor

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03GEN Design

Introducing the third GEN concept models based on design philosophy, 03GEN-f and 03GEN-x.

03GEN-f >
03GEN-f Based on the design theme of “Future racing,”
03GEN-f visualizes futuristic feeling of LMW structure and
the racing feel that YAMAHA has been creating since its foundation.
It is an advanced concept model that has
low/wide front view and slim/sharp rear view.
As for coloring, we used white that gives futuristic feel
and Yamaha racing blue as an element.
< 03GEN-x
03GEN-x 03GEN-x has been created based on the design theme of “Cross,”
meaning to cross authentic “Scrambler” *
with the newly developed three-wheeled structure.
While showing its structure as a core value of three-wheeled mobility,
we achieved to add sense of authenticity to it.
*The time when there was no distinction between road and
off-road, we called motorcycles that go both paved/unpaved road and
even rough ground “Scrambler.”
Fundamental FUN of mobility FUNdamental
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